Chronicling the full time RV lifestyle of a young family

Chapter 6: M-i-c-k-e-y….M-o-u-s-e!

Once hurricane Matthew had left Florida we headed back to our campground in Orlando. Thankfully the campground appeared to have minimal storm damage and we were glad to hear that my Grandmother’s home in Edgewater Florida was also largely unharmed.



Smiley princess

Knowing that I really wanted to bring Eloise to see Disney World Kevin decided to take time off from work and we enjoyed four very long, hot, but fun days exploring all the mouse had to offer. Eloise thoroughly enjoyed her time there and I do think she will remember it. Eliza slept the entire time but at least she was no cost for admission.

Did we spend hours waiting in line? Yes. Was it so hot that it felt like we were melting from the inside out? Yes. Was Eloise completely in awe when she met princess Elsa and Anna? Yes, and it was so precious. Not precious enough for us to go back any time soon tho.


Waiting in line for the Frozen ride at Epcot

Some of Eloise’s favorites:

  • Favorite ride: the Tower of Terror
  • Favorite princess we met: Rapunzel
  • Favorite park: Magic Kingdom

A special thanks to baby sister for coming along so that Eloise could ride several of the ‘big girl’ rides twice in a row using Disney’s ‘baby swap’ where she can ride once with Daddy and then again with Mommy.


Watching the parade (She waved ‘hi’ to everyone who walked by)


Eloise meeting Elsa


Eloise telling Rapunzel a story


She was allowed to get two Disney toys to remember our fun time there (note she had not yet napped in this photo! haha)


Chapter 5: Adventures on our drive south


Chapter 7: No more hand-washing pans in the panhandle


  1. Sherry Mather

    OH YEAH!!! Love these pictures!! I am so happy you all got to go!!! You all look like you are having so much fun!! Eloise will always remember this special time!!! Sooo exciting!!! I won’t feel so guilty this weekend when I am there now!! Eliza is beautiful, just like her big sister!! Cute family picture!! Hugs to the girls!!!

  2. Cookie

    Looks like so much fun. Eliza looks so much like Eloise. Both so beautiful.

  3. We love the pictures it looks like you all had a great time. So many memories. We love you all very much. Enjoy visiting with Aunt Doris & Uncle Jimmy and family. Love Mom & Greg.

  4. Leah Johnson

    Awwww she is such a cutie. Miss you guys. Elias still asks about Eloise and asks to pray for her all the time. Looks like she had so much fun. That last picture is hilarious with her eyes so big!

  5. Lorraine

    Hi Kevin, Emma, Eloise and Little Eliza Great pictures and memories of the family. Eloise looked like she was in a big dream world and so happy, but it was for real. I do not thinks she will forget her trip to Disney World. Eliza is so beautiful. It is hard to tell if she will have blue eyes. she has such a nice smile. I bet you was all exhausted at he end of the days you were there. We miss you all and love you. Kiss to Eloise and Eliza for us. Enjoy yourselves in Alabama. Love Ralph and Lorrainex 0x0xx0

  6. Wow, Eloise looks like she is thoroughly enjoying Disney. Eliza sure has grown. She looks like she has Kevin’s eyes and her smile reminds me of Angela’s smile. Both girls are beautiful. Have fun and please stay safe! We love you all!!!

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