Moab was beckoning us to come back for a third time (in 3 years) so we headed North. Moab has always been a friendly city to us and this time around was no exception. We stayed for nearly 2 months visiting with old and new friends and enjoying the various activities and events in the area. Our time in Moab this year was a blur but was roughly divided into 3 sections: the Xscapers convergence, the Fulltime Family Boondockers Anonymous meet up, and family and friends visiting from Maine.

First up was the Xscapers Moab Convergence held again on the old Moab airstrip. This week long event of 110 RVs was packed with potlucks, fires, live music, jeep rides, helping with rig maintenance projects, hiking, mountain biking, bowling, a hot air balloon ride, and a community clean up. Kevin also went on a 3 night canoe trip with a few members of this group to the Canyonlands area after the event.

Secondly but also overlapping with the Xscapers event was the fulltime family informal meet up. Approximately 20 families parked at the end of the airstrip. We hosted a giant Easter egg hunt which was a huge success (thanks for Irinia for the arts and crafts and natural egg dying), many families held campfires each night with music, there was a glow stick party night, group mountain bike rides, organized kid friendly hikes, and of course lots and lots of playing, trips to the local park and pool in town.

Lastly, Kevin’s Dad (Grandpa Kevin) and step mom (Grammie Verla) visited us for one jam-packed week which overlapped partly with the Fulltime Family week. We got permits to do the fiery furnace hike in Arches National Park, they rented a jeep with the fulltime family group and 13 of us all went on an epic Jeep ride (thank you Matt for your good group rental negotiation skills and for leading the group), and of course went out to explore the town. We rounded out our 2 months in Moab by hanging out with Kevin’s friend Nate who flew out from Maine to do several days of mountain biking. While the guys were off hitting the trails Eloise and Eliza played with their friend Maya who we camped with right up until it was time to say good bye.