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Chapter 29: Our Belated One Year Celebration

We’ve been on the road for one year. ONE YEAR. Boy does time fly. (Technically it’s one year and about two months now but i’m a little behind the times). We’ve had our share of ups and downs; life on the road can be richly rewarding but also has its own set of challenges.

Here are some quick stats on our year in review: 

  • Number of nights boondocking/dry camping: 118
  • Number of miles traveled: approximately 10,000
  • National Parks visited: 12 
  • Number of side of the road breakdowns/flat tires: 0! (I am setting us up for next year) 
  • Items that we carried across the country and never used: chainsaw, several items of baby gear, excess clothing, books, DVDs
  • Number of repairs needed to the camper: Too high to count
  • Overall average cost per night: $25 (we learned MANY things our first year out and believe we can significantly reduce our cost per night over this next year. Its worth noting that our average cost per night West of the Mississippi was only $13!)
  • Strangest place we visited: Probably Gila Bend, AZ numerous metal dinosaur sculptures all around town but no grocery store
  • Something we never expected: We were camping near our friends who also live in their RV full time. They were approached by a local charity with offers for blankets because it was assumed they were homeless!
  • Coldest camping night: Bryce Canyon, 28 degrees F
  • Favorite places visited: 
    • Kevin: Moab, UT –biking and hiking
    • Emma: Death Valley, CA–hiking, breathtaking scenery, kid friendly
    • Eloise: Disney world in Orlando, Florida –princesses and theme park rides
    • Eliza: every grocery store across the US–loves to ride in the cart and get free cookies from the bakery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are photos of our favorite moments from this past year. Enjoy!

(Hover over the photo for the caption or click on it to see full size/slide show)



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  1. Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures. Looks like you all had overall travels.. love the pictures, keep them coming.

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