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Chapter 2: Mr. Fixit

We purchased our 2016 Dutchman Voltage 5th wheel in February from Camping World. We anticipated that some repairs would be necessary as we purchased it new and assumed there might be a few bugs to work out of it, however, we did not expect this many repairs. Kevin towed our rig from Augusta, Maine to the Camping World in NH for repairs 3 times from April to May! We will strongly consider buying used if there is ever a ‘next time.’ ☺


Kevin checking out what might be wrong with the AC unit

Noteworthy repairs to our brand new 5th wheel since we bought it: (in order of repair)

  • Refrigerator seal installed (it was missing the seal to keep the cold air in)—Repaired ourselves
  • Both bedroom slide walls replaced due to a leak from the windows being installed in the wrong spot
  • Replacement of some exterior caulking on a living room slide to fix a leak–Repaired ourselves
  • Livingroom ceiling roof trusses had to be reinforced due to a recall with a structural defect (This involved taking the ceiling in the living room down)
    • Livingroom A/C vents were collapsed after this repair, and required additional support to allow cold air to flow through– Repaired ourselves
  • Toyhauler/office A/C failed and replaced
  • Refrigerator Thermal safety controller failed and replaced–Repaired ourselves
  • Shower faucet replaced (leaky faucet causing leakage under the tub)–Repaired ourselves
  • Cable TV throughout the camper was re-wired due to poor terminations or mislabeling–Repaired ourselves

Kevin upgrading the batteries

Upgrades we have added (more details on these to come):

  • Bathroom fan replaced and upgraded to have a rain cover
  • All locks replaced with unique keys (almost every camper in the industry ships with the same key)
  • Approximately 850Ah of 6volt AGM batteries added
  • 3000 Watt pure sign wave hybrid inverter
  • Pull out drawers added to all kitchen cabinets and pantry
  • Stackable Washer and dryer installed (externally vented)
  • Replaced the few incandescent bulbs with LEDs (most were already LED)

There are a few lingering non critical items that require repair but on the whole we are feeling like we can finally start to relax and enjoy our new home. (We have to admit that not mowing the lawn, going to the transfer station, and doing other yard maintenance does feel liberating however even a smaller house requires daily attention and care!)




Chapter 1: the Very Beginning


Chapter 3: Movin’ on Out & Good-bye

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  1. Sherry Mather

    Wow! I knew Kevin was always working on it, but that’s a lot of work for a new camper! I hope it was covered by a good warranty!

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