Yes, we boondocked at Ikea. It was quite and we asked permission first. (Coincidentally Eloise loved “Smalland” and begs to go to “daycare at Ikea”).  As we were packing up in the morning and preparing to head North, Kevin noticed that a giant crack had formed underneath our bedroom slide. It was the same slide that had been repaired by Camping World in NH many months prior. We emptied everything out of our bedroom (what a damn mess) and hurried over to the nearest Camping World for inspection (since we were still under warranty).

What a mess

Meanwhile, my Aunt and Uncle along with mom Mom and Dad flew into Phoenix for a week long stay at the Villas of Cave Creek. We waited an entire day at Camping World for their assessment of the situation (after holding it for 6 hours–they reported they could fix it two weeks from now).

Due to this setback, Kevin now had a ton of work to catch up on so the girls and I gave him some peace and had several nice visits with my family at their rental villa where we enjoyed the pool and outdoor lawn toys.

Fun watching Uncle Dick with the giant Jenga blocks

Eloise and Daddy relaxing in the hot tub

Mem and Eliza catching a nap in the Arizona sun

It was nice to chit chat with other adults (sorry Eloise but I get tired of hearing about My Little Pony day in and day out) and let other people hold little Eliza.

It was a fun week, but it was time for them to go home to the frozen tundra of the North and once again we headed South….to Ikea! We had cranked up our renovation and needed a few more low priced Swedish home goods to complete it…

This is what I got when asking her to pose for me and my mom! haha